An approach for simultaneous reduction and fixation of mandibular fractures
E Snyder, M Trabia, N Trabelsi
Computer Methods in Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering, 1-13, 2022.

The Mechanical Response of Epoxy–Sisal Composites Considering Fiber Anisotropy:
A Computational and Experimental Study

O Sinitsky, N Trabelsi, E Priel, Fibers 10 (5), 43, 2022.

Assessing hip fracture risk in type-2 diabetic patients using CT-based autonomous finite element methods: a feasibility study
D Rotman, G Ariel, J Rojas Lievano, H Schermann, N Trabelsi, M Salai, Z Yosibash, A Sternheim
The Bone & Joint Journal 103 (9), 1497-1504, 2021.

Aluminum Matrix Composites with Weak Particle Matrix Interfaces: Effective Elastic Properties Investigated Using Micromechanical Modeling
A Farkash, B Mittelman, S Hayun, E Priel
Materials 14 (20), 6083, 2021.

Bonding of Al6061 by Hot Compression Forming: A Computational and Experimental Study of Interface Conditions at Bonded Surfaces
B Mittelman, M Ben-Haroush, I Aloush, L Mordechay, E Priel
Materials 14 (13), 3598, 2021.

Patient-specific computed tomography-based finite element analysis: a new tool to assess fracture risk in benign bone lesions of the femur
H Schermann, Y Gortzak, Y Kollender, S Dadia, N Trabelsi, Z Yosibash, A Sternheim
Clinical Biomechanics 80, 105155, 2020.

Zona pellucida shear modulus, a possible novel non-invasive method to assist in embryo selection during in-vitro fertilization treatment
E Priel, T Priel, I Szaingurten-Solodkin, T Wainstock, Y Perets, A Zeadna, A. Harlev, E. Lunenfeld, E. Levitas, I. Har-Vardi
Scientific reports 10 (1), 1-10, 2020.

Autonomous FEs (AFE)-A stride toward personalized medicine
Z Yosibash, K Myers, N Trabelsi, A Sternheim
Computers & Mathematics with Applications 80 (11), 2417-2432, 2020

Bone metastases in the femur-a CT-based finite element analysis
F Traub, Z Yosibash, N Trabelsi, S Dadia, Y Kollander, Y Gortzak, S Amir
Zeitschrift für Orthopädie und Unfallchirurgie 158 (S 01), DKOU20-1096, 2020.

Cold Forming of Al-TiB2 Composites Fabricated by SPS: A Computational Experimental Study
E Priel, NU Navi, B Mittelman, N Trabelsi, M Levi, S Kalabukhov, S Hayun
Materials 13 (16), 3456, 2020.

When and where do patients with bone metastases actually break their femurs? A CT-based finite element analysis
A Sternheim, F Traub, N Trabelsi, S Dadia, Y Gortzak, N Snir, M Gorfine, ...
The Bone & Joint Journal 102 (5), 638-645, 2020

Effect of pre-deformation and B2 morphology on the mechanical properties of Al0. 5CoCrFeNi HEA
M Aizenshtein, E Priel, S Hayun
Materials Science and Engineering: A 788, 139575., 2020.


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