ד"ר שי סרוסי

ד"ר שי סרוסי

Doctor Sarussi, whose particular research focus is directed toward the study of algebras of valuation domains, together with their prime spectra, endorses the proposition that valuation theory is a powerful tool in commutative algebra. He believes that this theory is also quite helpful in the study of division rings. Because a quasi-valuation is a much more flexible tool than a valuation, and because it can be found more easily and more frequently, Doctor Sarussi hopes to make the quasi-valuation a productive tool as well. His research is directed toward establishing and testing a rich theory, so that researchers in other branches of mathematics can use the concept of quasi-valuation and implement it for their own use


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2009-2010    : Post-Doctorate position, Bar-Ilan University. Research

                        subject:  Quasi-valuations on noncommutative rings.    

2008- 2009   : Post-Doctorate position, Technion. Research subject:  

                      Quasi-valuations on noncommutative rings.

2004- 2008 : Ph.D studies in mathematics, Bar-Ilan University,

                   average-99. Specializing in algebra, thesis subject:


2003-2004: M.Sc. in mathematics, Bar-Ilan University.

             Specializing in algebra, average-97 with highest honor.

             Thesis subject: polynomials over division rings.

1999-2002: B.Sc. in mathematics and computer science, Bar-Ilan University.

             Average-93 with honours.

תחומי מחקר

Algebras over valuation domains
Prime spectra of rings
Cuts of ordered sets.   

מענקי מחקר

2015-2016: GIF research grant.


Linear algebra
Discrete mathematics, Calculus 1 and 2
Complex analysis and differential equations
Logic and discrete structures 2, Sce College