ד"ר נעמי כורם

ד"ר נעמי כורם

I am a lecturer of Software Engineering at Shamoon College of Engineering (SCE). My main areas of research are Logic, Philosophy of Logic, Philosophy of Language, Epistemology and Political Philosophy. I received a BSc degree in Computer Science from the Technion (Israel Institute of Technology) and an MA and PhD degrees in Philosophy from Tel Aviv University
Prior to my philosophical studies, I was a Senior Software Engineer at Samsung Telecom Research Israel (STRI)


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דציבל / 2011


2021 PhD in Philosophy, Tel Aviv University.
2014 MA in Philosophy, Tel Aviv University.
2005 BSc in Computer Science, Technion (Israel Institute of Technology).


Since 2022 B.Sc. program. Logic and Discrete Topics I, Data Structures, Computer Architecture II