ד"ר לב חבצקין

ד"ר לב חבצקין

Dr. Lev Khvatskin is a senior lecturer and researcher in the Centre for Reliability and Risk Management in the Industrial Engineering and Management Department Beer Sheva,  Israel

He has obtained M.Sc. degree in 1989 in Mechanical Engineering Department from the Institute of Railway Engineering, Moscow USSR and Ph.D. degree in 1989 in Mechanical Engineering, Reliability Engineering and Inventory Control from Railway Research Institute, Moscow, USSR

He has 16 years research experience and 20 years academic experience in different Universities and Institutions in Russia and Israel

He has specialized in reliability engineering with application to Preventive Maintenance

He published more than 20 scientific articles and book chapters in the fields of reliability, inventory controls, refrigeration, heating and air conditioning


הנדסת תעשייה וניהול
מרצה בכיר
באר שבע


400יג בניין ד' (60)


1985-1989  Ph.D. (Summa cum Laude) in Mechanical Engineering. Railway Research Institute, Moscow, USSR. Dissertation title: 'Spare Parts for Repairing Refrigerator Vans: A Specific Inventory Planning and Control Method'. Adviser: Prof. Kozlov, V.J.

1976-1981  M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering.  Institute of Railway Engineering, Moscow, USSR.

תחומי מחקר

Since 2003      Mathematical models for maintenance of multi-state aging systems.

Since 2006        Markov reward model for multi-state system reliability assessment.

Since 2009      Optimal corrective maintenance contract planning for aging multi-

                           state system.  (1 peer reviewed paper).

Since 2012         Lz - transform for a Discrete-state Continuous-time Markov Process   

                            and its Applications to Multi-state System Reliability. (2 peer

                            reviewed paper).

Since 2014        Importance Measure for Aging Multi-State System under Planning

                          Demand. (1 peer reviewed paper).

מענקי מחקר

2017           Erasmus+ KA107 International Mobility

2016           Erasmus+ KA107 International Mobility

2014           The Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation International Network Program. 282024 kr


Since 2017   B.Sc. program. Handling Systems and Plant Infrastructure.  

Since 2017   B.Sc. program. Industrial Automatics and Robotics.  

Since 2016   B.Sc. program. Principals of Material engineering. 

Since 2014   B.Sc. program. Robotics and  Automation.

Since 2004   B.Sc. program. Mechanical Parts.

Since 1997   B.Sc. program. Reliability Engineering.