גב' חבצלת כהן

גב' חבצלת כהן

I am teaching software engineering at SCE since 2000. From 2015 I am a junior academic faculty member

I graduated M. Sc. degree in 2015 with summa cum laude.My Thesis was on

issues in a Simulation Software of Evanescent Wave Spectroscopy Fiber-Optic Prob

 My Thesis was presented at two conferences: ICCMSE 2015 and SIMUL 2015

In the SIMUL conference, my paper have been selected as "Best Papers"


My research is in combinatory, graph theory and computational complexity


In recent years, I lectured in SCE the following courses: Database, Reliability and Network reliability


הנדסת תוכנה
מורה משנה א'


דציבל / 2006


2012-2014  M.Sc. in Software Engineering, Sami Shamoon College of Engineering, Israel. Thesis title: “Perfective maintenance for scientific software product project”, Adviser: Prof. Mark, S.    

2004-2006  M.Sc. in Science and Technology Teaching, Ben Gurion University, Israel. Thesis title: “novice difficulties in learning programming language”, Adviser: Prof. Barak, M.      

1996-1997  Teaching License. In: Mathematics, Achva College of Education, Israel. 

1991-1994  B.A. in Statistics and Sociology, Hebrew University, Israel 


Since 2000  B.Sc. program. Introduction to computer science

                   B.Sc. program. Introduction to advanced computer science

M.Sc. Study Program. Network reliability

B.Sc. program. Reliability

B.Sc. program. Data bases

B.Sc. program. Introduction to algorithms

B.Sc. program. Logic