ד"ר חן גלעדי

ד"ר חן גלעדי

Dr. Chen Giladi is the director of the Telerobotics Lab for Sustainable, Regenerative, & Thriving Future at Sami Shamoon College of Engineering (SCE)

I hold several B.Sc degrees, master's degree in Physics and Neuroscience, Ph.D. studies in Physics and Neuroscience and a Ph.D. in Physics and Robotics (developing machine learning algorithms inspired by theoretical physics!)

My main research interests are related to projects for making the world a better place! Specifically by harnessing the digital age power, I believe that teleoperated robots hold the incredible potential to transform reforestation and coral bleaching efforts rapidly and globally

In addition, I co-founded several companies in the areas of personalized healthcare, virtual reality, robotics & autonomous systems, 3D printing and drones

Specialties: Algorithm developer & Machine learning expert, Entrepreneurship, Operational & Strategic Planning


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2017-2018  Post Doctoral Research Fellow. Meta heuristic data driven unsupervised systems. Ben-Gurion University, Israel. Adviser: Prof. Amir, Shapiro.      

2015-2017  Ph.D. in Physics and Robotics. Ben-Gurion University of the Negev,  Israel.   Dissertation title: Data-Driven Throwing.   Adviser: Prof. David, Golomb, Prof. Amir Shapiro.

2013-2015 Ph.D. Studies in Physics and Neuroscience Ben-Gurion University of the Negev,  Israel.   Dissertation title: Population based codes in the Retina.   Adviser: Prof. Michael Gedalin, Prof. Ronen Segev.

2011-2013  M.Sc. in Physics and Neuroscience. Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Israel. Dissertation title: Retina adaptation at the population level. Adviser: Prof. Oleg Krichevsky, Prof. Ronen Segev.

2007-2011  B.Sc. in Physics and B.Sc. in Material Engineering and courses in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.   Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel. Graduated Cum Laude

תחומי מחקר

Autonomous robotic manipulation and grasping
Situation-adaptive autonomous systems
Articulated body dynamic simulations


Peer reviewed papers

Decorrelation of retinal response to natural scenes by fixational eye movements Giladi, C.*,  Segal, I.*, Gedalin, M., Rucci, M., Ben-Tov, M., Kushinsky, Y., Mokeichev, A., & Segev, R.. PNAS 2014, *Equal contribution
Visual receptive field properties of cells in the optic tectum of the archer fish, Ben-Tov, M., Kopilevich, I., Donchin, O., Ben-Shahar, O., Giladi, C., & Segev, R. (2013). Journal of neurophysiology, 110(3), 748-759.‏
Real time Gravitaitonal Learning Algorithm based on unsupervised manifold learning, Giladi, C., Sintov. for Informatics and Computer Science Intelligent Systems Applications
In Prep.

Learning the density distribution and inertia tensor of objects, Giladi, C., Sintov, A., Shapiro, A., In prep. for Progress in Aerospace Sciencesdgf
Efficient gripping points determination for tossed objects, Giladi, C., Golan, Y., Shapiro, A., In prep. for Pattern Recognition
Vision based unsupervised learning robotic throwing, Giladi, C., Sne, E., Shapiro, A., In prep. for Machine Vision and Applications
General point-to-point iterative dynamic regrasping algorithm, Giladi, C. , Shapiro, A., In prep. for Physics of Life Reviews

Papers and abstracts – proceedings of conferences

Contributed conference presentations

Chen, Giladi.  Vision-Based Unsupervised Learning Robotic Throwing.  GSC 2018 - The Annual Workshop of Graduate Students in Systems & Control, 2018.  

Seminar presentations

Chen, Giladi.  Data-Driven Throwing.  BGU – Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Beer Sheva, Israel, 2017.



Since 2017      Lecturer: B.Sc. program: Introduction to Robotics, Linear Control theory, Introduction to Control system, Introduction to linear dynamic systems, Solidworks, Statics and Vector Mechanics.